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Are Two Properties Better Than One?

The old saying is pretty adamant about two heads being better than one, but does that idea extend to all aspects of life? Does it, for example, work when we think of properties? Many people believe that property is an excellent investment and, for the most part, it...

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Your Questions Answered

Here at Yorkshire Accountancy we are often asked questions. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients, and answering queries is just one of the ways we can do this. Q: What is the living wage, and do I have to provide it? A: The National Living Wage is...

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Reducing Your Tax Bill – What You Need To Know

On 5th April you’ll need to pay. Pay your tax bill, that is. And although you’ve planned for it, saved for it, made sure you remember that it’s got to happen, sometimes it can still be a bit of a surprise – not to mention a shock when those figures come rolling in....

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What Is PAYE?

PAYE (which stands for Pay As You Earn) is a way of paying your national insurance contributions and income tax without you as an employee having to do anything about it. As an employer, your payroll person or your accountant (if you use a payroll person, and if your...

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Where Does Your Accountant Work?

Where does your accountant set up shop? Well, if you’re with us at Yorkshire Accountancy, you’ll know we’re based in the stunning village of Cottingham, just outside Beverley. It’s quirky and charming, and we love it. And thanks to the Internet, we’ve got a nationwide...

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A Record Breaking 2016 (Already!)!

We’re only a few days into 2016, and it’s already a record breaking year. We’re not here to tell you that X is the best film of 2016 (in January), or that the best-selling music download is Y (although we’re fairly certain that if you typed those questions into Google...

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Where Is Google’s Money Going? Not To the UK!

As we’re sure you’re aware (it’s been all over the news), Google’s tax payments are a hot topic again; and that’s thanks to a worldwide web of loopholes that mean the French government are set to be paid £380m, even though the UK is where Google have most staff and...

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Accelerated Payment Notices: The Aftermath

Back in the early 2000s, HM Revenue & Customs came up with an idea to quickly gather in money that was owed to it. Around 2,000 banking and IT contractors had taken part in a scheme based on the Isle of Man which was effectively put in place to save them money on...

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Come Here, Sugar… We Don’t Want to Tax You!

A little while ago we wrote about a potential ‘sugar tax’ on all things sweet and, specifically, chocolaty. The idea behind implementing such a tax was to try to cut down on the growing (no pun intended) problem of childhood obesity which, as well as making the child...

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YA News

Big changes ahead for contractors? Is IR35 about to be dumped? http://www.iexpats.com/ir35-may-be-dumped-as-contractors-face-tax-hike/? Would you risk a tax avoidance scheme?...

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The Good Guys in the Tax Row Are… One Direction!

One Direction may not be to everyone’s musical taste. But there’s no denying that sometimes they get it absolutely right. We’re not talking about their newest single (even if it is pretty catchy). We’re talking about tax (of course!). One Direction (or 1D as the cool...

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