A Record Breaking 2016 (Already!)!

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We’re only a few days into 2016, and it’s already a record breaking year. We’re not here to tell you that X is the best film of 2016 (in January), or that the best-selling music download is Y (although we’re fairly certain that if you typed those questions into Google someone somewhere would be able to give you an answer); we’re here to tell you something that’s actually true.
Something that’s actually fact.
Something that really happened.
We’re here to tell you that a staggering 24,546 people submitted their tax return online on 31st December 2015, whilst a really rather impressive 11,467 people chose to spend New Year’s Day 2016 working on – and sending off – their self assessment forms. 600 of those people did so between midnight (happy new year!) and 10am on 1st January.
The figures come from HMRC itself, and show that there was a 2.8% rise in returns made on 31st December/1st January from 2014/2015.
But what was really interesting was that 2,044 people actually completed their return on Christmas Day itself! Perhaps they were twiddling their thumbs in that time between the excitement of Santa’s visit and when lunch is finally ready… Whatever the reason, the results were a 13% increase on 2014. As for Boxing Day, that wonderful day of rest (or shopping) after the main event, 5,402 people completed their self assessment form online.
The deadline for completing your self assessment tax return is 31st January, and time is speeding on as we all know. So if you didn’t spend any time over Christmas or the new year completing your tax return, now is the time to get it done.
If you’re not sure how to do it, or what’s involved, why not chat to us about it?

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