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At Yorkshire Accountancy we realise that we have an ethical responsibility to take care of the environment in which we all live and work. Not only do we care about the environment we are also committed to the continual improvement of our environmentally friendly working practices.
Working in an environmentally friendly way has always been second nature to all the staff at Yorkshire Accountancy. In particular we are proud of our environmental friendly online services which clients can access where and when they choose to. The knock on effect is that both the carbon footprint of staff and our clients is reduced because there is no need to travel to and from meetings or the need to produce reams and reams of unnecessary paper.
Here are a few of our thoughts on how we try to reduce our carbon footprint.

First and foremost we are in the process of developing an Environmental Improvement Plan that will set out our commitment to the environment.
When equipment such as printers come to the natural end of a life cycle we will always replace it with the most environmentally friendly model.
We always source recycled paper and office products where possible.
There is a continual effort to reduce the waste that is produced by our practice. That is everything that can be recycled is recycled.
We will never send out mail shots through the post. We believe in saving paper and reducing the negative impact that printing has on the environment by using email as a primary mode of delivery.

In our practice there is a generic belief that the small steps we take collectively can make a big difference. As awareness of environmental issues grow and the need to reduce negative impact in the environment becomes more apparent there will be a requirement for all businesses to become greener throughout their supply chain.
In the short and long term there are many financial benefits and savings in operating as a green business. As an accountancy practice we naturally believe in saving money. In so doing we are able to pass on the benefits to our clients by offering cost effective services.
A 21st century approach to business is rapidly moving towards having environmental concerns at the heart of its operations. Operating as a green business is now part and parcel of management decisions.
Accountants will be required to provide appropriate information and understanding on key issues as the government moves closer to a carbon tax for businesses. Future annual accountants may well include a carbon balance sheet – will your accountant be able to audit these numbers for you? As business practices are continually changing it will be necessary to demonstrate green credentials – why not start with an accountancy practice that is committed to supporting the environment.

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