Are you aware of the importance of a great business plan?

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Ask any major business leader or advisor about the importance of a business plan, and they’ll probably express amazement at how so many businesses do little or no planning.
Indeed, there seems to be a persistent mistaken perception that a business plan just isn’t a core tool for running a sound business. This is despite the constant insistences to the contrary by those better informed, who know full well that it is very difficult to know just how well your company is performing – or where it is headed – in the absence of, at the very least, an income, expenditure and cash flow forecast.
Simply by having an active financial plan, you can turn your business from a loss-making one into one that turns a healthy profit, for the simple reason that even the most basic business plan can make blindingly obvious what improvements you need to make to the running of your firm. And by enlisting the help of our experts here at Yorkshire Accountancy, you can receive assistance with all of the vital aspects of writing a business plan, from business strategy and goal setting to cash flow forecasts and profit forecasts.
We will get you up to speed with all of the written areas of your plan that you need to be up to speed with… elements such as the marketing plan and SWOT analysis. After all, whenever you are borrowing money, you’ll need to have a suitable way of presenting much of this information. We can even help you to monitor your progress against the plan, once you have produced it!

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