Free Bookkeeping Software for Charities: Why Pandle is a Game-Changer

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Free Bookkeeping Software for Charities: Introducing Pandle

Charity organisations have a crucial role in our society. They make a significant difference, providing support and raising funds for invaluable causes. But, like all organisations, charities need to keep accurate financial records. Given their specific accounting requirements, which are arguably more stringent than many other businesses, finding the right charity accounts software – for free – can be a boon.

Today, we’re excited to tell you about a recent development: Pandle, a prominent bookkeeping software, has just rolled out features specifically tailored for charities. As accountants, we’re proud to announce that we offer Pandle to our clients absolutely free. So, let’s dive deeper into what this means for your charity.

Why Pandle?

Every charity, regardless of its size or cause, seeks efficiency in its operations. When it comes to financial record-keeping, Pandle ensures just that. With its user-friendly interface and detailed yet straightforward features, this free accounting software for charities is setting new standards.

The new update from Pandle allows you to choose ‘Charity’ as your business structure when setting up your account. This is essential for two reasons:

Tailored for Charities: Once you select ‘Charity’ as your business type, the software adjusts to cater specifically to your needs. This means automatically creating categories for trustees’ bank accounts and providing the necessary resources to efficiently handle charity-specific transactions.
Flexibility with Trustees: With Pandle, you can easily add the details of multiple trustees. Plus, if your trustees need to view your Pandle account, you can grant them access. From read-only permissions to full access, you are in complete control of what they can view and modify.

Special Features Perfect for Charities

One standout feature that Pandle offers is the Projects feature. If your charity receives funding for a particular cause – say, purchasing new equipment or organising an event – you can create a separate project for it in Pandle. This ensures clarity about how much was received, what it was spent on, and if there’s any surplus.

And, the best part? All these features, specifically tailored for charities, come at the fantastic price of free – when accessed through us, your trusted accountants.

In Conclusion

For charities, every penny saved can be a penny spent on their worthy cause. Opting for a Pandle accountant ensures that not only are you getting top-notch accounting software tailored for your needs, but you’re also saving on costs, as we offer it to our clients for free. Let’s work together to make your charitable work even more efficient and effective!

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