Is Running a Business Causing You Stress?

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One of the appeals of running your own business or being self-employed is the freedom that comes from not having a boss.  Being the boss appeals to many people whether that means they have a small team of staff or just work for themselves alone.  However, the flip side of not having to deal with a boss if the loss of PAYE. Suddenly you are totally responsible for everything that happens in the business, and even if you have staff, the buck stops with you.  Unsurprisingly this means that stress levels in those who are self-employed can be significantly higher than those who have a salaried job. So what can you do to bring those stress levels back under control, because after all there is no sick pay on offer if you do become too ill to work?
Get Your Books in Order
Accountants are not actually an expense they are a necessity.  A good accountant will make your life so much more comfortable and help you claim all the correct expenses, which in turn means your tax return is accurate and error free.  If you are in the Hull area, our team of accountants can help you get your books in order and ensure that your financial records are one area of the business that does not need to cause you any hassle.  Simply throw things our way, and we can get them ship shape and orderly in a timely fashion, and you don’t need to worry about whether you are ticking all the boxes set out by the HMRC because we will be checking that and getting any information you need to declare.
Stay Organised
There are so many free apps these days that let you organise your tasks into lists.  A visual representation on the screen is actually less stressful than looking at a pile of papers.  Working logically down a list is actually quite satisfying and really helps keep the stress in check.  Important things can be set up with reminders, and you can assign deadlines and categories to your work.
Take Five
One thing you really need to guard against when you are self-employed is burning the midnight oil so to speak.  It can quickly spiral from a lovely relaxed way of working to having the weight of the world on your shoulders. While there is no holiday pay when you run your own business it is still vital that you take a break now and then.  Even if this is just a coffee on the coast or a walk in the forest with your dog. Getting out into the fresh air and leaving your work phone in your pocket is vital for your health. People can wait an hour or two sometimes, and you will feel better for taking the break.
If you have been wondering how to get an accountant in to help with your financial affairs why not give us a call.  Our skilled team have experience in many industries and areas of expertise, and we can match you with the best accountant for your business.

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