NHS Nurse Tax Relief: The Extra Money You Deserve!

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NHS staff are the heroes of the UK, even more so right now as they help us all tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and save our loved ones. Hopefully they will be financially rewarded for their outstanding work soon, but these professionals can already claim a financial boost via NHS Nurse Tax Relief.
Most NHS workers are not aware that they qualify for tax relief for their working expenses and miss out on an average of £300 each year. How do you get a tax rebate as an NHS nurse? Read on to uncover the details.

Claim Tax Relief for Uniform Laundry, Fuel and More!
#1: Uniform Laundry

Nurses who own and use a uniform given to them by the NHS can claim tax relief for uniform laundry costs. Laundry costs are set at a fixed sum of £125. This means you can claim tax back on the aforementioned figure at the rate of tax you pay, i.e. either 20% or 40%.

#2: Membership to Professional Bodies

If you have joined a professional body through your workplace and your employer has not reimbursed you the cost, these membership fees may also be subject to tax relief. The same rate of tax that you pay, as mentioned above, can again be claimed against these costs.
Note, fees to UNISON subscriptions can also be claimed. It has been agreed that you can claim on 70% of the overall fee!

#3: Mileage Relief

Some NHS staff will need to use their own car and fuel to get from patients’ homes to clinics and other NHS facilities. These journeys are categorised as professional journeys. It is likely that the NHS is already covering these journeys with a payment per each mile you drive. If you are unsure of this, you should check the terms of your NHS contract.
However, HMRC rules allow workers to claim 45p per mile up to a maximum of 10,000 miles. If your fuel money is fully taxed within your pay or you get paid less than 45p per mile, you could still make a claim on your professional journeys. It is advised to keep a record of your journeys for a smoother claim, but even those without complete records can make a successful claim for mileage tax relief.

#4: Clothes

There is even more tax relief that nurses can claim back. The shoes and tights you buy to wear during your shifts can also be claimed against. This could be up to an extra £18 each year!

Even More Reasons to Claim NHS Nurse Tax Relief!

If getting back the money you deserve was not a good enough reason to claim, there are more reasons!
Claims can be made on any of the above and backdated over the last four years. So, if you have forgotten to claim or didn’t know about the tax relief you were entitled to, you can still collect four years of monies owed. Overall, you may be due a lot more money than you think!
But it gets even better. Once you have made a claim, the information provided will be held by HMRC so they can automatically apply the same tax relief in the future. They will adjust your tax code and apply the same tax relief for as long as you remain an NHS nurse. You will not have to make these claims each year.
When you only need to claim once, make sure you get it right by choosing professional accountants who can help!

Which NHS Staff Qualify for UK Tax Relief?

The tax relief options mentioned above are not created for specific professions or industries. These are blanket tax rules that help employees get money back on professional costs. Albeit some unions have arranged set figures for some employment costs.
NHS and private nurses will be able to claim for the above as long as they are PAYE workers. Employees on the PAYE scheme have tax deducted from their wage as they earn. This will be most healthcare and NHS nurses.

We Want to Say Thank You to NHS Nurses!

NHS nurses now know they can claim tax relief for uniform laundry costs and much more. This information was provided to help NHS nurses know about the money they are owed as a thank you for their hard work right now.
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