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Tax rules for selling online

Recently the trend to sell goods online has increased. Some people are opting for selling online as a means of earning an additional income. Naturally questions arise as to whether […]

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More common payroll mistakes

It’s precisely because the management of a company’s payroll is such a complex activity that so many businesses decide to outsource their payroll to a specialist firm such as Rapid […]

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Cash is King

Have you been busy networking and looking for new business? The recent economic downturn has ensured that securing new business has been high on the agenda for most businesses. It […]

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Easy to contact – that’s Yorkshire Accountancy!

Here at Yorkshire Accountancy, we like to think that we always keep everything comprehensible for our clients. For example, we always endeavour to avert using the kind of complex jargon […]

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Will a Mid Year Financial Review Help or Hurt

It is hard to believe that there are only six months to go until the end of the financial year ending in April 2010. Conducting a financial review of your […]

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The Benefits of Using a Professional Payroll Service

As the provider of professional payroll services, Rapid Payroll often speaks with new customers who have been managing their own payroll requirements and have found that they are either unable […]

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How to obtain a quote from Yorkshire Accountancy

Here at Yorkshire Accountancy, we like to think that our prospective clients will find obtaining a quote from us delightfully straightforward. Indeed, the process really just involves clicking through to […]

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Balance sheets: the basics

A balance sheet is a financial statement that provides a snapshot of your business at a given point in time. It is a summary of what your business owns or […]

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Why our online payroll services are especially ideal for small businesses

If you have recently set up a business or otherwise run a business of no more than 50 employees, then you may be anxious to make sure that your company’s […]

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Implications for UK accountants as Treasury announces tax relief for creative industries

UK accountants for members of the creative industries will have to take heed of recent plans unveiled by the Treasury. To be precise, the plans, detailed in a consultation document, […]

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Is your business missing out on Capital allowances

Planning to expand your business through investments or purchases of equipment could be more cost effective than you think. Did you know? Businesses are entitled to claim Capital allowances, on […]

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An implicit warning for online accountants as camera maker Olympus is ordered to pay back £40m in taxes

Japan-based consumer electronics firm Olympus has been ordered by Tokyo’s regional taxation bureau to pay back approximately ¥5bn (£40m) that it owes in back taxes and penalties due to its […]

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