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I am asked many times each week about the use of remote accountants. We operate a small firm of accountants but use modern technology to enable our services to be […]

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Our online payroll services could assist small businesses in fulfilling their upcoming new auto-enrolment duties

From October 2012, legal requirements will be introduced that will ultimately give UK employers the duty to automatically enrol eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme and pay minimum employer […]

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Findings of new survey suggest likelihood of many academies requiring highly reliable online accountants

The findings of a survey recently conducted by Capita SIMS suggests that the greater financial freedoms of academies over maintained schools will make many of them likely to increasingly require […]

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Ten small business tips

There are no secrets to running a successful business. There are plenty of tried and tested business models that work. Why reinvent the wheel when there is an abundance of […]

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How our online payroll services can help small businesses to banish late payments

Government Minister for Business and Enterprise, Mark Prisk, has expressed his desire for SMEs to be routinely paid on time by the larger firms upon which they are reliant for […]

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Are you thinking about outsourcing the financial side of your business?

Being self employed can be rewarding and extremely satisfying. For many people it is an opportunity to fulfil ambitions and personal aspirations. Whilst running your own business there will be […]

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Implicit warning of importance of reliable online accountants as former football agent found guilty of mishandling footballer’s financial affairs

Failing to provide proper information for tax returns sent to HM Revenue & Customs can have adverse legal consequences, as a recent court case involving a former football agent has […]

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Are you in danger of missing the self assessment tax return deadline?

Thinking carefully about how money is spent is always an important factor in running a business or being self employed. The continuance of managing the financial side of your business […]

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Why we are confident that our online payroll services are the UK’s cheapest

Here at Rapid Payroll, we endeavor to supply many small to medium-sized businesses with online payroll services which are not only reliable but also affordable. This ensures that our online […]

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The importance of good online accountants grows as HMRC announces intended increases of penalties for late tax returns

Individuals and small businesses have long been advised to use the services of online accountants to ensure that their tax affairs are always in good order. However, this recommendation could […]

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Jump Start Your Business | Is Your Accountant Really Helping Your Business?

Has your business gone flat, is it in need of a ‘jump start?’ Are you concerned about the prospects of your business? Who is helping you to keep your business […]

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Switching Payroll Companies – What you should know

Thinking about switching payroll companies? Generally the employees of a firm are paid based on the agreed rate, hours worked or a fixed amount. Besides the basic pay, details such […]

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