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Getting Funds for Your Business

Times are tough for finding money to start up your business. The most obvious choice is to go to the banks, but they are unwilling to lend and when they do, you’re often faced with some pretty unfavourable rates. So, what are you to do? You desperately need some cash from somewhere to get your […]

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Back to Basics: Self Assessment Guide Part 3

Deadlines and Penalties Now that you’re aware of whether you have to do a tax return and what records you need to keep, you’ll need to know when you actually have to do the thing by and when you’ll have to pay your tax. It’s fairly simple to keep track, but it does depend on […]

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Free Software Alternatives for Freelancers

As a freelancer you want to cu as many costs as possible. Every single penny counts and especially so when you’re just starting out. One great way to keep costs as low as possible is by using free alternatives to the software you use. There is no cost plus these programs are often better, if […]

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Tax Efficient Life Assurance for Company Directors and Their Employees

A slightly solemn blog post today, but it is a subject of utmost importance. Life cover is something we all know is essential, but something none of us really want to think about. It’s not a nice subject, but the sooner you get it sorted and out of the way the better. Now, if you’re […]

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Business Bank Details Released A Day Early

In a spritely move from Vince Cable, details have been released about the Small Business Bank today rather than tomorrow. The bank has been talked about for sometime, but few details were ever given past the fact the government would be earmarking money for it. Finally there is now some more concrete information on the […]

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