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You know tax time is a drag. No matter how much you prepare for it, something happens, or forms get more complicated, or you seem to suddenly miss an important […]

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A Quick Guide to Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is paid by companies that are legally incorporated as limited companies. Unincorporated organisations such as clubs and societies will also be liable for payment of corporation tax if […]

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Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Insurance

The HMRC has been targeting small businesses for failure to pay taxes, or paying the incorrect amount on tax bills, and as such, it is critical that your business is […]

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Are Directors Entitled to Maternity Pay?

DIRECTORS AND MATERNITY PAY There are new rules in effect for directors of companies in the United Kingdom regarding maternity pay and more. The new regulations are for companies that […]

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How to Save Money When Starting a Business

Starting a business is exciting, stressful and expensive. Whether you’re paying out of your own, an investor’s or bank’s pocket, every penny counts. Having a solid financial base for your […]

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What’s Good About Ecommerce and How to Get it Right

Adding an e-commerce dimension to your site is becoming part and parcel with most commercial web pages. If you’re consulting someone about the web design of your company’s site they […]

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Are Directors Entitled to Redundancy Pay?

Redundancy pay is, on its face, designed for workers who are deemed to be employees of a company, rather than those who are known to be self-employed. Self-employed workers typically […]

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How Payroll is Changing With RTI

HMRC is now introducing a new form of payroll reporting for businesses called Real Time Information, or RTI for short. Beginning in April 2013, employers will be required to report […]

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RTI: All You Need To Know

Real Time Information (RTI) is beginning to loom. It isn’t long now until this massive HMRC overhaul will come into effect. We’ve already had a look at RTI previously on […]

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What is Statutory Redundancy Pay?

Redundancy pay is a concept born out of the idea that people who lose their job need some sort of payment to maintain their lives while searching for another job. […]

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Thinking of becoming a company director?

Company directors are the head honchos, the big wigs, the guys and gals that run the company and see it through thick and thin, building profits and making sure the […]

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Beware: Carbon Credits Scammers

Con artists are everywhere and always have been. They don’t just target old ladies though, everyone is a target. This is why you always have to keep your guard up […]

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