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Go Directly To Jail…

Money comes in all shapes and sizes, all denominations, and some of it is worth more than others. This is an undeniable truth. It can be serious money or fun […]

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Old McDonald’s Had A Raid…

McDonald’s always seems to be in the news about something. Whether it’s the fact that their burgers don’t seem to decay, or the amount of salt they put on their […]

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What Are Business Rates?

Business rates are what business owners pay when they are the occupiers of a non-domestic property – that is, they own or rent a shop, office, or other business building […]

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The Backpacker Tax – Yes or No?

The Australian government recently put forward plans to increase the tax payable by foreign travellers who also work in the country. But, after complaints from native farmers, the tax, known […]

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Do Directors Need To Complete A Tax Return?

This sounds like a fairly easy question to answer – it’s either a yes or no, and that’s it. A company director either should complete a tax return, or they […]

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Selling On eBay – Do You Need An Accountant?

Like most people, you may well have dabbled in the online selling world of eBay. If so, it could be that you do need an accountant. Why? It’s because any […]

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Children On The Payroll – A Good Idea or A Terrible One?

As always when it comes to children, there are decisions to be made. One that you may not have considered yet is whether to employ them in the family business […]

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Why Is Offshore Banking Bad?

Considering the news headlines over the past few days, notably the ones concerning the so called ‘Panama Papers’ and the leaked information about which influential figures have money in offshore […]

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What Is Married Couple’s Allowance?

Married couple’s allowance is something that not everyone is aware of but, if you meet the criteria, you could save up to £835.50 a year (with a minimum saving of […]

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The Scottish Bed Tax: Will It Happen?

The Scottish Tourism Alliance is worried, and perhaps with good reason. An idea for a ‘bed tax’ for all visitors who would go to Edinburgh would, experts say, be the […]

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The SA302 Form: What It Is, Why You Need It, And How To Get One

You may have heard of the SA302 form. If you are self employed and have sent in your returns in paper form rather than online, you will definitely have heard […]

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Your BPS Form: More Accountants Now Have The Power To Complete Them

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) for active farmers who qualify is an important form, and needs to be completed in order for those farmers who work on their own land […]

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