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Yorkshire Accountancy has a lot of experience dealing with small startup businesses. We understand the importance of the process of Company Formation will have on the future of your business and can offer expert advice and guidance to anyone going through the process.
The only way to avoid the Company Formation process entirely is to purchase a business that already exists. There are benefits to doing this (an established customer base and historical financial data that will show you if the business is profitable) but there are drawbacks also. Creating a tailor-made company is the best way for you to get exactly what you want from entrepreneurship, plus a greater sense of achievement when you finally manage to turn your business dream into a reality.
There are a number of Company Formation options for entrepreneurs. At Yorkshire Accountancy, we help our clients to decide which option is right for them and then assist them with the entire process. The main difference between all the different available types of company is the amount of financial liability you have in the business, meaning your own level of personal responsibility in the payment of its debt.
Businesses can have varying levels of liability. The amount of debt that you are liable to pay can be limited to a certain figure by guarantee or restricted to just company shares. Unlimited liability company owners will have no restriction on the amount of debt they have to repay. Each type of company structure will have different tax liabilities and we will advise which is the right one for you.
Our vast experience of Company Formation procedure means that we are able to fast-track the entire process and have it completed in just one working day. We can also offer a number of additional services such as PAYE and VAT registration, assisting with opening business bank accounts, issuing subscriber shares and acting as Company Secretary for your business.
Those are just sample of the many Company Formation services on offer. Please get in touch with us for a chat and we can identify what is right for you and your new business.

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