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Anyone who has set up in business for themselves and acquired their first employee will know all about the complications inherent in dealing with the payroll. When you first start up in business, it’s likely that you’ll be throwing yourself into anything and everything, from the payroll to the actual work for which your clients are paying you. This may at first seem like a decent way of saving money, but eventually, you’re going to need a support cast.
That means that, as far as your core business is concerned, you are likely to take on an employee or two. But when it comes to matters that are not directly related to the services and products that your firm provides, such as taxation, accounts and payroll, you are likely to turn to a company that specialises in those fields, such as Yorkshire Accountancy.
As for when the moment that you are best off hiring an accountant may arise, you should look out for the following warning signs:

Struggling to find the time to do anything other than payroll processing;
Errors are being made by your employees in the processing of the payroll;
Forgetting or struggling to process the payroll in time each month;
Your data being inadequate for calculating your employees’ vacation and sick time;
You plan to take on more employees in the near future.

The payroll service that we offer here at Yorkshire Accountancy includes everything from PAYE returns for the revenue to employee payslips and monthly summaries, which means that you can have more time to concentrate on growing your business.

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