Are you in danger of missing the self assessment tax return deadline?

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Thinking carefully about how money is spent is always an important factor in running a business or being self employed. The continuance of managing the financial side of your business has become even more pertinent as the tax return deadline for 31st January 2009 approaches.
The January 31st 2009 deadline for online returns is just around the corner. Did you know that over 3 million people leave their tax returns until January? Can you imagine how much money the HMRC will make from late returns? The £100 penalty remains steadfastly in place for late online returns.
The process of submission can take place any time before the 31st January 2009. Business owners or self employed people are actively being encouraged to submit their online returns as early as is possible. Being overwhelmed with work is not a an acceptable excuse and will not prevent your business from being given a penalty fine.
Not all taxpayers need to fill in tax returns. Only tax payers, who have more complicated tax affairs, or income from several sources, will need to complete one. This includes self-employed people, higher rate taxpayers and company directors. If you or your business meets one of the categories then we at Yorkshire Accountancy can help you.
We are a caring accountancy practice that works hard to prevent clients incurring fines for missing the tax return deadline. Avoiding fines is easy and can be done with the assistance of a good accountancy practice. Working with experienced accountants will save your business a considerable sum of money.
Yorkshire Accountancy is ready and willing to help you with your submission. There are only two steps for you to take. The first is to ask us to act on your behalf and submit an online assessment on your behalf. The second is to supply us with all the necessary information need to submit your assessment. Submitting tax returns online is second nature to us.
Any taxes due will still need to be paid by the 31st January. There is no time like the present to develop a long-term relationship with an accountancy practice that will continue to reap ongoing dividends for your business. Being proactive about your business not only brings you peace of mind but also puts you in control of your finances.
Whatever approach you decided to take we have the necessary experience to help you. Why have sleepless nights or spend endless hours working out what your tax return should be – when Yorkshire Accountancy has the experience and expertise to do it for you thereby ensuring you will meet the tax return deadline? For some the issue of tax return deadlines are problematic. For Yorkshire Accountancy it is an opportunity to let others see what a great job we can do on their behalf. We are a practice where good performance is an essential factor and every penny of your money matters. Do not wait for 31st January to submit your tax return – do it now and avoid any nasty surprises in January.

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