Post-cessation expenses: What you need to know in the UK

23 June 2024
Closing up shop? When a business stops trading in the UK, there are a few things to consider regarding income and expenses that arise after...

Can You Deduct Branded Golf Balls? A Tax Guide for UK Businesses

17 April 2024
If your idea of networking involves tee times and fairways, you might wonder if those branded golf balls are a smart business expense. Good news:...

Pre-Trading Expenses for UK Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

25 March 2024
It’s a path paved with dreams, aspirations, and, quite often, significant financial investment before the first sale is ever made. For many UK micro and...
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I’m A Sole Trader And I Work From Home: What Expenses Can I Claim Back?

24 November 2023
What sole trader expenses can I claim back working from home? Free Sole Trader accountancy and expenses advice...
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4 Expenses That You Didn’t Know Were Deductible

20 November 2023
One of the things we take pride in is making sure we provide a thorough service to our clients. Missed expenses are all too familiar,...
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Limited Companies and Entertainment Expenses

07 November 2023
There are a number of reasons a limited company might incur expenses which fall into the category of entertainment. This might involve lunch with a...