Sole Trader

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Going Freelance: Should you be a Sole Trader or Limited Company?

02 February 2024
When people choose to embark on a freelance career, one of the first and most difficult decisions they will face is whether to be a sole trader or limited company. Setting up a limited company will limit their liability for business debts, but being...
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Why do you Need a Small Business Accountant?

30 January 2024
Many small business and sole traders are unsure about whether to hire a small business accountant. If they are good with numbers and have relatively small turnovers, it may seem like it will be easy enough to keep their own books and complete a yearl...
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When is it Time to go From Sole Trader to Limited Company?

23 January 2024
When you first went into business, you were probably faced with the decision of starting a limited company or just registering as a sole trader. For many people, the latter choice is the right decision in the early stages but this can easily change a...
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Which Expenses can be Claimed Against Tax?

12 January 2024
Many sole traders and small business owners are unsure of quite what they can and can’t claim against tax as an allowable expense. Especially in the early stages of running a business, it can be difficult to work out which things qualify and which...
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I’m A Sole Trader And I Work From Home: What Expenses Can I Claim Back?

24 November 2023
What sole trader expenses can I claim back working from home? Free Sole Trader accountancy and expenses advice...
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4 Expenses That You Didn’t Know Were Deductible

20 November 2023
One of the things we take pride in is making sure we provide a thorough service to our clients. Missed expenses are all too familiar, and often if you take your books to an accountant they will simply check what you have done, correct any errors and...
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Limited Companies and Entertainment Expenses

07 November 2023
There are a number of reasons a limited company might incur expenses which fall into the category of entertainment. This might involve lunch with a potential client, rewarding employees with a staff dinner, or special occasions such as the office Chr...
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Do You Really Need A Dedicated Business Bank Account?

03 November 2023
The short answer is yes, you do. But there is more to it than a short answer, and plenty of reasons why you should speak to your chosen bank and open up a bank account dedicated specially to your business...
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How to Choose The Right Accountant For Your Business

31 October 2023
So, you’ve recognised the need for an accountant for your business – someone not only to do the tax planning and financial tracking but also someone to offer you real world, practical advice on your business future...
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Trusted Accountants for Small Businesses

23 October 2023
Are you interested in switching accountants? Have you been looking for accountants for small businesses? Maybe you’re a sole trader who is finding the task of looking after your accounts increasingly arduous?...