Where Does Your Accountant Work?

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Where does your accountant set up shop? Well, if you’re with us at Yorkshire Accountancy, you’ll know we’re based in the stunning village of Cottingham, just outside Beverley. It’s quirky and charming, and we love it. And thanks to the Internet, we’ve got a nationwide reach.
Other accountants across the world have decided that having their own office just doesn’t work for them – so they’ve chosen other places to meet their clients, work on the figures, and generally get stuff done.
Take Shane Mason, for example. This 28 year old accountant from Brooklyn has decided that rather than an expensive New York office he would rather work in a bar, so, along with his sign that says ‘Resident Tax Man’, he works in a bar called Your Sincerely in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He works there three days a week, and his clients love it – and bar owner Darren Grenia get his taxes done at a reduced rate, so everyone’s happy! And although Shane doesn’t drink when he’s working, he does buy his clients one.
Accountant Cathy Grimmer was in labour 12 years ago when she started chatting to the consultant who was prepping her for her caesarean. By the time her baby was born, Cathy had signed the doctor up as a client, and they still work together today!
Or how about working on holiday? One industrious accountant was waiting to board a plane when he got a call from a worried client. Conscientious as all good accountants are known to be, he cracked open his laptop, leapt onto the airport’s WiFi, and completed a last minute amendment in record time!
Another accountant who prefers to remain nameless for now enjoys working in churches and graveyards rather than an office. The peace and quiet allows him to get more work done apparently, and it doesn’t seem to put off his clients – his accountancy practice is going from strength to strength.
And for those who love art, how about this for an idea? Would you go and visit your accountant if they set up an office in an art gallery? Lots of people do!

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