Why use a DIY Excel Bookkeeping Spreadsheet?

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When they see that our Excel bookkeeping spreadsheet is an Excel Cash Book, many customers ask why they should use our programme as opposed to one they can programme and set up themselves.
The question makes sense; after all, Excel is a universal Microsoft programme and the majority of business owners have even a small working knowledge of IT. Therefore, many people believe that they can just as easily set up an Excel Cash Book of their own to give them the same information for no additional cost.
With this question in mind, there are six very important reasons why our Excel Cash Book could be extremely valuable for your business.
1. Design
We designed our spreadsheet with small businesses in mind, but that doesn’t mean that a larger company can’t find it just as valuable.
2. Set Up
Setting up your own spreadsheet could take up a huge amount of time; even if you’re a ‘whizz’ on Microsoft but our Excel Spreadsheet is ready to go as soon as you are.
3. Cost
Given the amount you’d pay an accountant to complete your monthly accounts, our spreadsheet represents a great financial saving for you and your business.
4. Simplicity
Whatever your understanding and abilities in IT you’ll find our Excel Cash Book easy to use, and you’ll be able to input your figures quickly and efficiently leaving you free to manage other areas of your business.
5. Reporting
Our Cash Book is capable of producing regular reports, when you need them, so you can keep a careful check of what’s going on with your finances and make any changes as soon as you notice them; potentially saving you time and energy.
6. Added Extras
Depending on the package you choose, you could have access to cash flow charts, profit and loss and VAT reports; giving you more information than ever!

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