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You know tax time is a drag. No matter how much you prepare for it, something happens, or forms get more complicated, or you seem to suddenly miss an important receipt or write-off, and tax time becomes stressful for you and your business. Well, no more! Xero to the rescue!
Xero is an accountancy service that works online with a great system and infrastructure to allow any small business to figure out their finances and see what’s going on in their books anytime, from any location. Xero focuses on small businesses because they know exactly how hard tax regulations and forms can be on small business owners, and it’s their mission to make that process a little bit easier.
Here’s just a sampling of the reasons why we love Xero:
Great Tax Planning
Xero starts with the end goal in mind, and while you are seeing your cash flow and invoices in real time, Xero is working to prepare you for tax seasons with bills, deductions, and revenues. No more sitting down for 12 hours to get ready to see your accountant – with Xero it is already there!
No Surprises On Your Invoice
Xero charges a simple rate and is transparent about costs. No junk on the invoice, and no surprises when it comes time to pay for the service – just the way it should be for any small business owner on a budget. It’s all available for a small monthly fee.
Accessible Talk and Terms
Xero doesn’t use corporate accounting lingo when you’re working on their program. Rather, it talks to you in terms you can understand, so you can plainly comprehend your bills and taxes, and how they might affect you in the real world. No confusing language, just solutions for your business that make sense and work well.
Be Proactive and Get It Done Early
With Xero, you are constantly able to move forward on your taxes, right as you receive revenues and pay invoices. No more waiting until the last minute to get tax work done, since Xero has been working on it all along and keeping it in one easy place for you to find and use. Xero lets you be proactive with your taxes and accountancy, so that you can be proactive in other areas of your business.
At the end of the day, all small business owners are looking for things and products that will make them more efficient and make their businesses run more successfully. Xero fits the bill as accountancy software that is realistically suitable for small businesses, and was designed specifically with small businesses in mind. So next time it comes down to choosing accountancy software or products, Xero is the place to be to give you piece of mind and great results!

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