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Yorkshire Accountancy is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Ecologi, with our donations going towards new trees being planted. Best of all, you can help us plant more trees to fight the battle against climate change!

Ecologi is a leading environmental charity helping fund various climate projects to offset the large carbon footprint of businesses and individuals throughout the globe.

This is a cause very close to our own, as the team here at Yorkshire Accountancy care greatly for the environment and want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We understand that there is more that we can do as a business, and individuals, to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.

Therefore, we are announcing a new partnership with Ecologi where our donations go towards the planting of new trees. Ecologi are helping fund various climate projects to help reduce carbon pollution, including a tree planting scheme that sees millions of trees being planted every month!

How You Can Help Us Plant More Trees

Our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint was the driving force behind our new partnership with Ecologi. As an accountancy firm, we realised that many of our daily practices resulted in high carbon emissions, something that is gone overlooked for too long.

On top of changing various processes to reduce our carbon footprint, we wondered how we could make a more positive impact over the long-term future.

This is where we decided to partner Ecologi, a leading environmental charity that helps plant trees across the world to help lower carbon emissions and fight climate change.

As part of our partnership with Ecologi, we are now committing to plant more trees to help offset the carbon footprint of our team here at Yorkshire Accountancy. We aim to help plant as many trees as possible going forward – and you can help us with this!

We Now Plan On Donating To Ecologi For Any Of The Following Actions:

When You Enquire About Any Service

Any time a customer makes a genuine enquiry about our services, we’ll donate towards the planting of a new tree. It doesn’t even need to lead anywhere, just make genuine enquiry about our services, and we’ll plant some trees!

When You Sign Up As A Client

Any time we sign up a new client, we’ll plant even more trees! Our clients are incredibly important to us, to show our gratitude for using our services, we’ll plant more trees!

Who Are Ecologi?

Ecologi is a UK environmental charity that funds climate projects to help tackle carbon pollution and fight climate change. They run a monthly subscription plan where a donation goes towards the planting of at least 12 trees per month, with the average weekly cost of a subscription being the same as a cup of coffee.

On top of their global tree planting partnerships, Ecologi also funds other climate projects, including investments towards various renewable energy projects throughout the globe. These projects are making a huge difference in our battle against climate change.

It was a natural choice to partner with Ecologi, who are currently working with over 10,000 businesses to fund tree planting and other climate projects. We looked at many environmental originations and felt that Ecologi were the best fit thanks to their incredible track record and commitment to transparency.

They provide detailed breakdowns of all their funding including:

  • Evidence of Tree Planting
  • Evidence of Carbon Reduction
  • Full Financial Reporting
  • Membership Revenue

Visit for more information about this amazing organisation!

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