Google Cash Book

Business Bookkeeping Made Easy With Our Google Cash Book Software.

As Google Cash Book experts, we have developed bespoke bookkeeping software for simple business accountancy.

Google Cash Book is a versatile accountancy software that is easily tailored to the needs of small business owners. Rather than dealing with expensive and complex accountancy software, our Google Cash Book software lets SMBs easily manage their books.

Designed for your everyday user, our Google Cash Book has all the standard features of sophisticated accountancy software. It lets you input all your typical cashflow data, from payments and receipts, automatically calculating everything so you have a clear picture of your financial performance over the year.

Plus, our Google Cash Book couldn’t be easier to use!

You don’t need any experience with accountancy software to understand how the software works. Everything is laid out clearly, so you just need to enter your cashflow data and let the software take care of the rest.

It really is just a case of entering some numbers onto a spreadsheet! With this information, our software automatically calculates your books while also providing breakdowns of your finances for each month.

So, not only do you get an accurate account of your books for tax purposes, but also insightful financial data about your business. With this information, you can make the best decisions for your business finances!

Best of all – Google Cash Book is free to use for all Yorkshire Accountancy clients!

Free Bookkeeping With Google Cash Books From Yorkshire Accountancy

Yorkshire Accountancy aims to make bookkeeping easy for our clients. So, we are happy to provide our intuitive Google Cash Book software completely free of charge for every client.

With access to our Google Cash Book, bookkeeping is not only quick and easy but also 100% free! This adds even more convenience to our accountancy service, as you can easily enter all your bookkeeping data in the software, then save and share it with us online.

We’ll review all the data from your Google Cash Book, ensuring it is accurate and ready to submit to HRMC. Bookkeeping has never been easier – or more affordable!

Effective Cash Flow Management & Automated Bookkeeping

Accurately manage your business cashflow data with our intuitive bookkeeping software. Track payments and receipts for your business to see a clear picture of your ins and outs for each month. Easily customise each book to include relative info about your customers, suppliers, and cash flow movement.

Each book is programmed to automatically calculate cash flow data, ensuring you have accurate accounts of your books. Simply enter the numbers and the software calculates all your important financial data, including gross, net, and VAT. Data input is also automated, so you only need to add information once and the book remembers it for next time!

Track Invoices & Financial Overviews

Keep on top of all the invoices you send and receive throughout the month with books for customer and supplier invoices. See what invoices still need fulfilled, review what invoices you have paid to suppliers, and automate all the gross, net, and VAT of all invoices with this book.

While bookkeeping is essential for tax purposes, it also provides useful insights into your overall financial state. Use the overview books to get a clear picture of your expenses, profits, and losses in graphs and charts that are easy to understand. Armed with this information, you can make the best decisions for the financial growth of your business!

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