Jim Campbell

Accountant, Hull

Meet Jim, our senior accountant who joined the team in 2022. Jim is a man of diverse interests, making him as engaging personally as he is professionally adept in accountancy. A keen gamer, he often dives into virtual worlds, showcasing his strategic prowess. But his love for strategy doesn't stop there; he's also an enthusiastic chess player, always ready for a thoughtful challenge on the board.

In his downtime, Jim immerses himself in the captivating realms of sci-fi literature and television, exploring galaxies far, far away. On the sports field, despite his self-confessed limitations, he bravely steps into the role of a goalkeeper, embracing the fun and camaraderie of the game.

Recently, Jim has started exploring the art of whittling, demonstrating that his precision isn't just limited to financial figures. Alongside this, the melodies of the harmonica are his latest pursuit, adding a musical twist to his array of hobbies. Jim's eclectic mix of interests not only makes him a fascinating member of our team but also serves as a delightful reminder of the joys of exploring new hobbies and embracing life's various passions.

jim campbell montage
Favourite Film

Groundhog Day

Favourite Song

Not Afraid - Eminem

What I do away from Yorkshire Accountancy

I'm a keen gamer, a dog owner, an enthusiastic chess player, a lover of sci-fi literature and TV and a really rather hopeless goalkeeper. I've also recently taken up whittling and the harmonica.

Fascinating facts about me

1) I recently found out I have a condition called 'aphantasia' which is an inability to form mental images. I have no mind's eye whatsoever. 2) I played at Wembley in the 1984 Rugby League Challenge Cup Final under 11 curtain raiser 3) I was once an

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