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Efficient cash flow management is vital for small businesses, but it can be a challenge. Over 50,000 businesses are forced to close their doors every year due to late payments and cash flow.

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Automate Credit Control In Your Business

Satago makes life easier by providing a solution to this problem.

To maximise the cash flow in your business, it’s essential to cover every angle. Satago can do this by automating debtor management, offering access to flexible finance and giving you more accurate insights on who you are doing business with.

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Satago is a product that offers integrated functions on a single platform. Compatible with all major accounting software, Satago’s features can be divided into three key areas:

What Satago Offers:

Risk Assessment

Receive intelligence on the credit history of a client to accurately assess the level of risk. Track credit limits and outstanding balances in real-time, with automated alerts for a change in status.

Credit Control

Improve your cash flow with an automated payment reminder system which fully integrates with your existing mailbox.

Invoice Finance

Unlock cash in transit with invoice finance that provides advances worth up to 85% of your pending invoices. With one low-cost fee, cash is released following a rapid approval process.

Why Satago?

Satago is the solution that your business has been waiting for, offering many benefits. These include:

  • Accurate and up-to-date insights on new and existing customers to minimise risk and bad debts
  • Fully automated invoice management process which integrates with your mailbox
  • Superior debtor analysis, delivering live results of ageing and debt size for more effective invoice pipeline management
  • Access to flexible, low-cost finance to free up working capital when you need it
  • A cost-saving equivalent to three days’ work per month, leaving you more time to work on growth and development
  • One centralised location where you can track all credit control activity

Fully Integrated with Xero and Quickbooks

Connect Satago to your Xero or Quickbooks account for full automation of your invoices. Make it quicker to manage your outstanding debtors with unlimited access to dedicated tools. There is no obligation to utilise the available invoice finance. Satago is the professional choice for small businesses who want to work smarter.

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